My experience working with Linda is nothing but awe-inspiring. As the chair of the Board of Directors for Cameroonian-American Military Professionals (CAMP) organization, where Linda held the position of the first President, I have witnessed her transform the organization’s objectives with a clear and limited timeline resulting in the durable operating system that CAMP enjoys today. Through her leadership, CAMP’s 2019 annual objectives were almost completed within the first quarter of the year. She also successful established the bylaws, articles of incorporation and transition CAMP into a fully functioning and impactful 501(c)(3) organization. It is for the above mentioned reasons and more, that I fully recommend The Nonprofit Institute for anyone who is interested to start a new nonprofit, or grow an existing nonprofit into a well structured, sustainable and impactful 501(3)(c) organization. Signup, gain the understanding needed, and navigate the procedural hurdles and agile management processes that would guarantee sustainable growth.