Hi, I am Coach Linda. I have spent the last 14 years working with nonprofits at various strategic levels (from small to mega), and in different capacities (from a volunteer to managing various projects and seating on boards, to becoming the Chief Executive Officer). 

I’ve helped individuals and organizations start and grow thriving 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that continue to impact lives and communities. And I am driven to help you take the right steps as you launch your own registered 501(c)(3) organization so you can make a lasting impact.

My Journey To Nonprofit Consulting and Coaching

After two complicated pregnancies as a result of uterine fibroids, I received tremendous support from charities and nonprofit organizations. As I moved through that experience, I started paying more attention to the voice inside of me that said I needed to dedicate more time coaching and serving in the nonprofit sector. 

I wrote my first book, “Memoirs of a Working Mother”, documenting the challenges of uterine fibroids and postpartum depression that so many mothers face, but are often overlooked. I offered strategies to navigate these challenges and attain balance and fulfillment, particularly for the working mother.

But I knew writing a book was not enough. 

My message and self-help tools needed to reach the masses. 

So I started coaching, teaching, and motivating from the stage through speaking engagements, including my TEDx Talk on “Living in Fulfillment”. 

From helping women find their purpose through coaching to speaking on stages internationally, one thing I realized we all have in common is that we are all at our best when we are doing something that makes others happy. 

That same thought brings me to my recent abdominal surgery where I was operated on from hip to hip and bedridden for several weeks. The people that kept me going were my rockstar husband, our girls, loved ones, and the charities that supported us through it all, including The Foundation 4 Heroes. They showed me love, inspiration, and the power to keep going like the hero I am, right by my hospital bed. 

It was at this moment that I realized, I can’t stop running away from this purpose and talent that God has instilled in my heart to navigate others through their journey to establishing sustainable nonprofit organizations that will also make lasting impacts in the lives of others and communities. I also had to think about the small nonprofit organizations who have a great mission, but lact the right infrastructure and funding to serve their desired community. I have taken on to journey to educate Nonprofit Founders how to start and grow their 501(c)(3) charitable organizations as a business.

As a Nonprofit Executive, Business Coach and Captain in the United States Air Force, I am no stranger to excellence, commitment, and service. And it is with this same dedication and drive that I commit to being your GPS throughout this process as you launch your own thriving nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. 

Stop thinking all you have to do is be in the room for the cause you are advocating for. It is your time to take a seat at the table. Launch and grow your profitable, sustaining and impactful nonprofit organizations with my team at The Nonprofit Institute.