I am Charlotte Miller-Lacy, Founder/National Executive Director for I Am My Sister’s Keeper.  We are a mentoring program for at-risk girls ages 6-18.  It is with great honor and respect that I write this testimonial for Linda Arrey and her Leadership.

 Until I met Linda I was doing the work of ED for five years but not getting the work done that was needed for salaries to hire staff or capacity building and longevity. When I founded this organization I had a passion and a vision but knew nothing about building a non-profit.

Even though our organization was growing it was lacking the foundation and Board structure to thrive. Within a few coaching sessions with Linda, together we were able to identify major gaps with immediate solutions and resources to fill those gaps.  Along with a plan of action that would jump start and propel our organization into the future. 

In dual roles as a Founder and Executive Director, I carried a lot of stress and anxiety to see this organization function as a viable resource to fulfill the need in the communities we serve.  Working with Linda has given me the added confidence in my ability to be a leader who plans strategically and executes those plans in a timely manner. 

In hindsight I wish I had Linda’s help when I first started this organization, but it’s never too late to get it right.  I highly recommend The Nonprofit for Newbies masterclass to anyone who is considering starting a new non-profit, as well as the person who started like I did and now find themselves at a crossroads.  Linda’s expertise in the world of Non-profit is beyond valuable if you are teachable.     

Charlotte Miller-Lacy,

Founder/National Executive Director

I Am My Sister’s Keeper